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Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc.


Our Mission at Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc. is to offer  "AFFORDABLE" and "CUSTOMIZED" 
Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc. Dealer Packages based on your particular location/set-up for our "Team Partners" who have a strong desire to "Whiten & Brighten Smiles".

This saves clients and extraordinary expense compared to traditional 

whitening services and you enjoy making money in an environment which is truly rewarding with a solid company supporting you.

Malibu offers: 

-   1 "Teeth Whitening" Station Set-up

-   2-6 " Teeth Whitening" Station Set-Up's

-   Mobile Unit capability 

**  If you are looking to expand a current service business:

ie:  Beauty industry/Tanning/Hair Salon/Gym/Yoga Studio, etc.
This is the perfect add-on service.

** Mobile Teeth Whitening is a high demanding business which is ideal for 
College Students (on campus).

~ AND ~

** Independent Representatives of any particular brand,

working independently. 

​** Open your own- 2-6 station +, Brick & Mortar location.


Our promise is that you will belong and grow with the
Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc. Team.
Serious Entrepreneurs benefit from our long range business plan for

immediate start up, support, excellent products and marketing.

We do back 100% of all our products and services.

Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc.'s partner is a pioneer and a true innovator in the teeth whitening industry and always developing new products and technologies. having its own in-house R&D department, consisting of engineers/chemists and all kinds of specialized manufacturing and testing equipment in a pharmaceutical-grade clean room.


​Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc. products are manufactured in a registered facility with the FDA, in the USA and accredited by the BBB.


Please contact Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc. with further questions.
Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc. does require a "Dealer Application"

completed to continue.

Thank you for your interest in Malibu Teeth Whitening, Inc.